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Clubs For Sunnier Tomorrow

The school has four separate clubs to encourage the overall development of students and to shift the focus of academic activities towards enrichment of the total personality of the learners.

  • All clubs consist of an Advisory Committee, core Committee and students.
  • The core Committee will be nominated by the Advisory Committee.
  • Members of student Executive will be elected by voting through secret Ballot.

The core committee shall be responsible for chalking out the schedule of activities of the club and their implementation in co0nsultation with the Advisory committee. They will be conducting the election process of students executive in a democratic manner including nomination of candidates, canvassing, voting by students through secret ballot, counting and announcement of results. The school has several clubs to inculcate awareness about an assortment of issues:

AAROGYA - The Health & Welness Club

The aim of the club is to inculcate healthy eating habits, increase physical activities through yoga, morning walks, breathing exercises, self defense classes etc. Students learn at a young age about health promotion which helps to prevent illness and promote good health, by reducing risk factors for disease and by promoting access to healthy behavior.

Yuva The Tourism Club

The vision is to nurture and develop young ambassadors of Indian tourism who would become aware of tourism possibilities in India, appreciate our rich cultural heritage and develop an interest and passion for tourism. Participation in Tourism Clubs is also expected to facilitate development of soft skills like teamwork, management, adoption of responsible tourism practices and concern for sustainable tourism.

Expression - The Creative Arts Club

This club is dedicated to bring out the best in every child apart from academics. Children, sometimes, are not given enough opportunity to develop their creative abilities. Photography, spatial imagination, technological flair, poetry, dramatics, music, dance, public speaking, stage management, event management, etc need time to express and develop. This club provides an avenue for all students to explore the creative side of their personality and to express and develop it for the world to see and applaud.

Sunshine Nature Club

In a world of traffic and pollution, we need to help open our children's eyes to the wonders of nature. It is a disease of our age. In an age crammed with TV, computers, and electronic gadgets, children are isolated from the simple pleasures of exploring nature. Academics, along with classes and extracurricular activities, leave children with little time to play outdoors. And even if they do, there are almost no green spaces left for them to enjoy. Children today are thus robbed of a very essential part of childhood: of connecting on a one-toone basis with nature. Sunshine Nature Club aims at exposing students to the natural world from the time they are young. It encourage them to play in the garden, to let them pick up and observe leaves, flowers, rocks, etc. Teachers point out and name trees, insects, birds, and animals to them. Caring for plants, and seeing them grow and develop, is a wonderful opportunity for them to know the cycle of creation first hand. They are taken on regular picnics and outings to nature spots around the city. They are introduced to the joys of hiking. They are made to visit national parks or wildlife sanctuaries. As they grow older, we teach children to value nature. We encourage them to adopt conservation practices. More importantly, we practice them ourselves. The Club aims to explain to children how small things like using water carefully and keeping lights switched off when they do not need them can contribute towards conserving nature.